Drew’s Brews

There comes a time when every man or woman wants to wet their whistle, and there’s no place better to do that then in the ever popular Drew’s Brews, but did you know the long sordid history of this establishment? Neither do we. We do know that before the building was Drew’s Brews it was the church of the Holy Oblates To Monarchianism’s Eternal Solemn Salvation. This small church held services every Sunday guaranteeing that its servants would be delivered straight to… well let’s just say the sermon’s weren’t very promising, which may be why the church went from a place of the Holy Spirit to a place of spirits. We can attest to the fact that attendance has greatly increased since the conversion.

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The Rail

By 1832 Alivium was being mined at such a rapid rate that there was a desperate need for transport. Mules were not able to haul enough Alivium to keep up with demand, and Richard Fellar decided it was time to come up with a better solution. Old Rich had originally wanted to build a canal to transport the Alivium, but quickly realized that rocks sink, that’s when the idea for the Davinport Steam Train was dreamed up. Mr. Fellar knew of other mines that had implemented a short rail line to get their goods from the mine into town, and with a little bit of research (and a whole lot of money) the Alivium Railroad was built. In later years the railway would be extended, and become a means of transport for more than just Alivium, and to this day it still runs through town. If you ever want to see a train go through town you can check the train schedule at Rock Avenue Escape Room

What’s in a Name?

My parents must have thought it hysterical to name me after the town I was born in. Little did they know the joke would be on them. Naming me Davin, after Davinport, has instilled in me a love for this town. So what’s in a name? The funny thing is that no one knows where the name Davinport originated. The documents are murky at best. Davinport is not situated by the ocean, and has no “ports”. And besides me, it has no “Davin’s” either.  While digging through the history of our town I have found little information to why it’s named Davinport, but have found plenty of information on what it was to be named. Once I’m able to connect the dots and get a clearer picture as to how the name Davinport came to be I will post an update, but as for now, as the saying goes Stay Tuned….

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The Crash of 1980

Davinport was a simple mining town, who’s production of Alivium was booming. That is until the Russians hacked us…. err I mean, until the Russians invented cubic zirconia and put us out of business. While the rest of the country was dealing with the Cold War, Davinport was dealing with it’s own version of the race to the moon. From records it looks as if the town hired a Mr. Don Key to try to rebrand Alivium as a mood stone, but seeing as Alivium is naturally clear, and does not change colors, the rebranding was a complete and utter failure.

For 30 years Davinport barely clung to life, and almost became a ghost town, but thanks to the ever popular Mayor Rob, Davinport seemingly has been reborn into a tourist destination! For more information on visiting Davinport please visit Rock Avenue Escape Room.

The History (or lack thereof) of Alivium

Ever hear of Alivium? Neither had Lewis & Clark, which is why they completely bypassed what is now Davinport and went on their merry way.

Alivium was discovered in the mid 1800’s by…. well to tell the truth, and being that we are the Historical Society this is a bit embarrassing to admit, we don’t know who discovered Alivium. There are no historical records to be found of its discovery. It’s all very baffling.  At the time Alivium was thought to be an all purpose stone for jewelry making. It was quite popular in costume jewelry, causing a large boom in mining and starting the foundation for what is now Davinport. Later, cubic zirconia was invented, and Alivium not having the sparkle of its successor, literally faded into oblivion. That is until recently.  The novelty of Alivium has caused a second boom in Davinports economy.

The raucous establishment, Drew’s Brews, now sits atop what was the original Davinport mine. The owner, Drew, jokes that his drinks are stronger because Alivium leaches into the cellar where he stores his beer, but we suspect he’s just a little more heavy handed with the spirits.

As Alivium is experiencing a renaissance, so is Davinport. Our Mayor recently made headlines when he started inviting strangers to come visit our quiet little town and explore our rich history. For more information on visiting Davinport please visit the most immersive escape room experience in Tampa at  Rock Avenue Escape Room.